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Bansko: All Seasons Town and Resort

Home to one of the most modern ski resorts in Europe and nestled in the foothills of the spectacular Pirin Mountain range, the beautiful and historic Bansko Town can be found. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Bansko is a medieval town that dates back to the 10th Century. First set up by the Thracians many hundreds of years ago, the Romans and Byzantines have also left their mark on the town. The town has preserved its olden style of the cobbled streets and houses more than 100 years old. It is they that give Bansko its inimitable charm. The houses look like monasteries with their high stonewalls and small shuttered windows. Take a wander down the old cobbled streets and see the traditional style buildings which are the main part of Bansko’s charm. The real Bulgarian spirit is hidden behind fortified walls and heavy gates in spacious rooms with wood-carved ceilings and doors, hand-woven carpets and embroidered cushions, in the murals icons and the fine iconostasis of the Saint Trinity church.


The unique atmosphere of the town at the foot of the Pirin Mountain is enriched by the characteristic sonority of Bansko male singing, the local sense of humor, the mature red wine and the delicious dishes of traditional Bansko cuisine. The strange feel of the air is one of the most impressive experiences in Bansko – something like smoke or smouldering pine – the magic feeling of something cozy and snug. In the numerous local taverns with the exotic name “mehana” you can sit comfortably, smile, feel the warmth of the open fire and enjoy the soft flavour and the delicious taste of the local sausage called “Old man” /banski starets/.

Bansko combines its atmosphere of a beautiful medieval town with stunning alpine backdrop with first class ski facilities. It is rich in culture and heritage and at the same time, can boast top quality modern ski facilities. The Pirin Mountains are often compared with the French Alps due to their similarity. Due to the alpine character, skiing conditions here are excellent and Bansko is seeing very extensive investment already to turn it into one of the best ski resorts in Bulgaria. New ski lifts have already been installed and the amount of ski runs is being expanded constantly. Snow making facilities have already been improved and skiing can now last into early May. Due to this very extensive investment, the Bansko area is one of the best places to buy into.


See, Hear, Taste Bansko
Ski Facilities
The ski facilities at Bansko are some of the best in the country. It has recently seen a lot of investment to ensure that everything is top quality and this investment continues right now. As a result, Bansko is one of the hottest new ski property destinations in Europe! Whether you’re a skier or snowboarder, beginner or pro, there is something for everyone at Bansko. Here is what Bansko offers:

Bansko Ski Area

Today the ski area above Bansko has over 70 kilometers of ski runs. They are kept in perfect condition by the Kassbohrer maintenance vehicles and the state-of-the-art snow system guarantees easy skiing for six months – from December to May. A modern lift Doppelmayr Gondola ropeway takes you to the 17 well groomed ski runs of the resort – right in the heart of Pirin Mountain – in minutes. That is where the true winter-tale begins. By the 14 super fast lifts with a total length of 26 kilometers you could reach any of the ski runs and there ski at will. Access is controlled by chip cards Ski Data.


The snowboard fans can enjoy the Fun Park which offers all the extras a snowboard fan may need. For the para-skiers Bansko offers one hundred percent adrenaline experience. The start is just below Todorka Peak and the final can be right beside the first houses of the resort village.

In this ski paradise the extreme ski fans are not forgotten. For the past three years the resort hosted one of the most exciting competitions for off-run skiing, gathering the elite of the Old Continent. The virgin slopes of Pirin Mountain are favorite to skiers from all over the world. Several meters deep snow allows the experience of the full thrill of skiing out of the marked ski runs.

Another extra you might doubt you’ll see here is the Heliski. Top notch ski instructors and professional pilots will fly you by state of- the-art helicopter to mountain slopes where no other skier has ever set foot.

The ski training of all visitors to the resort, starting with the toddlers, is taken care by more than 130 professional ski instructors. Be sure that even if you are a complete novice, by the end of your vacation you’ll enjoy going down the hardest “Tomba” run sliding along the 16-kilometers of brilliantly lit-up-ski-road to Bansko.

If you want to have a really unforgettable winter holiday, to learn to ski and tell your friends of your unforgettable experience on the white runs at the night parties, then Bansko is your destination.

Summer Time Activities
Once the ski season finishes in May, things don’t just stop in Bansko. The resort and town still has plenty of things to offer. Another reason why Bansko is so popular is because it offers all year round activities to tourists and ski property buyers. Summertime in Bansko lasts from May through summer till October and the weather is very pleasant and mild. Some of the activities that can be done in the resort include walking tours, horseback tours, hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing, paragliding, swimming, off road safari by jeep, ATM tours, rafting in the Struma and Mesta rivers, fishing, tennis, soccer, and special craftsmen demonstrations or courses at request. Plus there are a number of interesting local festivals held throughout the year. This list of activities is currently being expanded, so there will always be something to do while staying at your Bulgarian ski property.


If you have ever visited this world resort once, you will come back because Bansko offers all season relaxation and entertainment opportunities. Thus Bansko became a worthy place to visit all year round.

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