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Full Rental Package Details

Thank you for your interest in our Full Rental Package. We offer our clients a very comprehensive service which covers all aspects of renting to ensure that you enjoy a hassle free and successfully rented property which will earn you money.

Our Full Rental Package includes the following:

Airport pick up/return of holiday makers. If your Bulgarian property is in the Borovets area, then no extra charge is made for this. If your property is in the Bansko region, then we do ask that 75 Euros is paid per journey to cover our transport costs.

Arranging of cleaning services. Property will be cleaned once a week. This will include changing of bed linen and cleaning the property in general. You as the home owner will be responsible for the wages of the cleaner, however, these are at low Bulgarian standards.

Tailor made excursions can be done for holiday makers but this will be at their own cost. All our staff have extensive local knowledge and if a client wants a ski instructor, taxi, restaurant etc then our staff will be pleased to advise.

All advertising will be done by us and all associated costs will be covered by us. This includes full listing on our website.

We will also be responsible for bookings and all client enquiries.

Holidaymakers will have the full support of a villa manager throughout their stay in your Bulgarian ski property. The villa manager will be on call if there are any problems.

If friends or family visit, then our ‘Management Only’ system applies.

Charge: 30% of gross rental income


Before we take on your property in Bulgaria, we do have to check that it is suitable i.e. safe to be rented and of a good rental standard etc.

In our experience there is an overlap between rental and maintenance of a property and to avoid any confusion, we require that a (discounted) Full Care Contract is arranged with us. Care Contracts for apartments are also available too.

The benefit from taking out a Care Contract is that all the ‘nitty gritty’ things to do with owning a Bulgarian property are dealt with. These include dealing with utility bills on your behalf, arranging payment of the annual property tax, sorting out security systems in required, monthly photos and provision of regular statements on property expenditure. If there is a burst pipe for example, then again, our staff will be on hand to arrange for it to be sorted. However, you as the homeowner will be responsible for bills. And lastly, we pay the accountant to deal with your non active company annual tax return.

This ensures that you can have complete peace of mind when renting out your property.  For full details, please go the ‘Our Services’ page on our website

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our Rentals Team on