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Maintenance of Shared Areas

If you are doing an apartment complex or have a gated community etc and need shared areas maintained, then we would be pleased to take care of this. The maintenance of shared areas is vital if the complex is to be kept in a good and desirable condition. It is also a requirement of Bulgaria law that such areas are well kept. If the complex is being used by a great volume of holiday makers, on short stay, then maintenance is a real issue and are team of experienced are able to take care of this.

Our price does vary according to the development in question and the amount of work/staff needed. Our contracts are tailor made to suit different requirements and we are flexible- gardening services can also be arranged if required. A quote can be drawn up upon visiting the complex/development.

Typical maintenance is charged between 5 and 10 Euros per m2 per year and is paid in advance. If facilities such as a sauna, swimming pool etc needs to be maintained, then again, price may vary.

We are not responsible for the paying of neither any unexpected problems which may arise and are not covered in the Maintenance Agreement nor any problems which may arise due to bad construction. Payment of this is the responsibility of the inhabitants of the complex. However, we can arrange for the problems to be fixed once costs are covered.

All owners in the complex/development must be in agreement with our Maintenance Contract.