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Pro-Russian change to Bulgarian law, good news for property market

In a recent change to Bulgarian law, Russians who own a property in Bulgaria now have the right to a 3-year multiple-entry visa to Bulgaria. Up until now, Russians have needed to re-apply for a visa to enter Bulgaria which makes owning a holiday home in Bulgaria inconvenient. Following this change, interest from Russian buyers for Bulgarian property is on the up, particularly for new build properties in prime resort areas. 

The good news for British owners and speculators is that this adds a new dimension to the Bulgarian property market. With new buyers visiting the country, this bolsters the long term resale market and Bulgarian property rental market.

British distress sales are the best buys in Bulgaria

27th August 2008
Foreign Property Shop.Com Ltd

Recently topping Knight Franks global property index, Bulgaria is one of the most popular countries to purchase in. And with prices starting from under 10, 000 GBP for freehold property, it is easy to see why. However some of the best buys in the country are from distressed UK owners who are putting silly prices on otherwise great property

Business Opportunity: Spa to rent in Bulgaria

Regular readers of our Expat articles section will be aware of the exodus of Brits to foreign countries. Some of you maybe considering doing this yourself but are concerned about how will you earn income abroad, or even if you are just looking for something to occupy your time.

South Africa most stressful emigration destination

Thursday, 25 Oct 2007 11:01
South Africa most stressful emigration destination

South Africa has been found to be the most stressful overseas destination for Brits looking to emigrate.

This is according to research released today by currency specialists HiFX, which placed the African nation top of a list of the ten most popular overseas emigration destinations.

Rent out your home and move abroad

Waiting for the economy to pick up? Why not rent out your home for 12 months and escape abroad

Zoe Dare Hall – The Times
You wait all year for it - the holiday abroad – then, before you know it, you’re back where you started. At home, it’s raining, the tan is peeling and all memories of watching the sunset while sipping a glass of local vino are fading. A growing number of Britons, however, are keen to keep the holiday spirit going. Fed up with the inclement weather and the gloomy economic climate, they are heading abroad not merely for the summer, but for a year or two. Call it a grown-up gap year, if you will.

Revealed: Why Brits are Moving Abroad

We can all speculate until the cows come home about why one Briton leaves the UK every 3 minutes and why at least 5.5 million Brits are already living abroad, but at Shelter Offshore we decided we needed to delve a little deeper into this interesting and seemingly growing phenomenon.

As there has been a significant rise in the numbers of retirees relocating overseas, we decided to look closely at this specific demographic to determine what it is that is driving them from British shores.  In this article we can reveal the facts and statistics behind this mass exodus, and we will show you why Britain’s retirees are moving abroad in ever greater numbers.

Why Expatriates Move Abroad

If youve ever wondered why so many Britons seem to be fleeing the UK in search of a better life abroad, the answers have come in the form of survey findings from an international removal company who cleverly took it upon themselves to ask those they were removing why they were leaving the UK behind.

The findings are relatively unsurprising if were all honest with ourselves but they really do firm up widely held suspicions that the current government in the UK has a lot to answer for.

Britons Want Out Mass UK Exodus a Possibility

Well, well, well these are worrying times if youre a government minister. A whole series of surveys have been released showing that those in Northern Ireland, Scotland as well as in Wales and England want out of the UK they want to leave for a whole range of reasons, but because so many Britons want out, a mass UK exodus is a very real possibility.

Meanwhile, across the ponda survey of Americans shows that US citizens may consider relocating nationally but they are far less likely to expatriate, move to live abroad and seek their fortunes elsewhere, especially if they have to learn a new language to do so! So are Americans wimps and are Brits tough or are Americans simply more realistic about their nation and loyal to it whereas us Brits are happy to throw in the UK towel and make like a tree and leave as soon as the going gets tough?

Browns Determination To Stay Fuels UK Mass Exodus!

In his final budget as Chancellor of the Exchequer and before he became Prime Minister, Gordon Brown attempted one final financial con on the British people, he attempted to make the budget sound like a tax friendly one. In actual fact it was the budget that paved the way for the 10p tax cut affecting those on lower incomes, and it paved the way for ensuring greater numbers of people on slightly higher incomes are now stung by the highest rate of tax.

Gordon Brown is likely to go down in history as the chancellor who exposed Britain to economic meltdown and the Prime Minister who sealed the fate of the UK by failing to do anything about it other than telling us all to stop wasting so much food. And now it seems that Browns determination to stay in power, (even though he was not elected Prime Minister by the British people who all believe they live in a democracy), is fuelling a mass exodus from the UK.

Retiring Abroad More Than a Dream for Most

Recent statistical and survey information produced by the likes of the Institute for Public Policy Research show that the thought of retiring abroad for Britons is now more than a dream for most. I.e., there is evidence to suggest that a large percentage of the British population is actively pursuing their very own reality of living overseas once they hit retirement.

Driving factors are mainly fiscal, with a representative from Saga - the online community for todays over 50s - stating that it was likely that people would consider moving abroad more now that the cost of living is expected to increase (according to a report on We certainly concur with these opinions and findings and can add that recent correspondence from a fair few sagacious readers absolutely backs up the fact that money is getting tighter in the UK and as a result, a new life abroad beckons for increasing numbers of pre-retiree Brits.

Securing Your Dream to Live Abroad

The dream of living abroad is one that is shared by many people increasing numbers of people in fact, according to the latest statistics and figures from independent sources, banks and governmental think tanks. But the numbers of people who relocate overseas every year is almost equally matched by the numbers of people who return to the UK having failed to make a go of their new expatriate lifestyle.

In this article well look at securing your dream to live abroad by explaining why some expatriates succeed and why some expats fail.

Some Essential Advice for Those Moving Abroad

If youre thinking of moving to live abroad you are not alone. According to findings from the Office for National Statistics, more Britons moved abroad between 1997 and 2007 than in any other decade since the First World War and there are real fears being voiced that Britain is again experiencing a brain drain.

Well, far be it from us to try and put you off we are all for encouraging people to broaden their horizonsliterally. And if you are contemplating a sojourn overseas heres some essential advice for those moving abroad.

More Britons consider move abroad

More British people than ever before want to turn dreams of a foreign life into reality, a poll for the BBC suggests.

About 1,000 people were questioned for the survey and a majority said they had considered emigrating, little change from a similar 2003 poll.

Moving abroad: Banking

If you are planning on moving abroad and want to keep a UK account open, there are several options available to you. You can keep your current account in the UK. You can switch your account to one that is specifically designed for expats - usually operated through banks' offshore branches located in Jersey or the Isle of Man.

Accessing your money for free in Europe using your normal current account is made markedly easier if you still have financial interests in the UK, for example, you still own property here. A Nationwide current account is a popular choice for regular travellers because it does not charge for using overseas ATMs, and it does not hide commission in a loaded exchange rate, as most other banks do.

Moving abroad: Pensions

Pension rules are notoriously complicated, and this is doubly true for expats trying to keep their retirement planning on track when they move overseas.

State pensions are not affected if you decide to move abroad. All you need to do is inform your local authority of your plans and give them the details of a local bank branch or post office in the town overseas where you wish to receive your money.

Q&A: Brits Abroad revealed

There are millions of Britons overseas - and until now we have not known a great deal about them.

How much do we know about Britons who live abroad?
The story of Britons going abroad is similar to any other story about why people move: people make their own decisions on their future - and whether their choice of a new life shows up in statistics is largely a matter of luck.

Florida: Going cool on the Sunshine State

The mix of sun, fun and the English tongue has led tens of thousands of British people to settle in Florida. But when the novelty wears off, many find themselves isolated, trapped and in fear of falling ill.

Remember Dawn from The Office? The long-suffering receptionist who, along with sales rep Tim, provided the hit comedy's sexual tension.

Moving Abroad: What To Consider

Like the 5.5 million Brits before you, you are seriously considering taking the plunge and moving abroad permanently. However, what are the main things to consider? Here at the FPS we talk to clients every day that are looking to move abroad permanently; from retirees to the younger generation and below are our top tips for those looking to up sticks.

1. Keep your options open in the UK
After settling down in your new home abroad, things might not meet your expectations. You may miss family and friends or find the culture just too different. Keeping a property in the UK, if possible, means that you have somewhere to go back to should things go wrong. And with the UK housing market stagnant but the rental section doing well, you can always rent out your home in the UK.


Investment Information

Here we present articles, reports and information that relate to the fascinating world of Bulgarian property. And, more generally, to provide you with food for thought in your investment decisions.

House prices poised for first annual fall in a decade

Investing in Bulgarian property is looking a lot more sensible than risking the UK market

Sunday Times 2nd January, 2005

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South East Europes Biggest Golf Course being built near Balchik

As if this area of Bulgarias coastline wasnt attractive enough to investors already, a huge golf development is sure to boost capital growth even more.

Sofia Echo 22nd December, 2004

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Amanda Lamb announced that Bulgaria was number 6 on her list of investment countries on Channel 4's 'A Place in the Sun'.

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