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Gardening services

Understanding of gardening and design is patchy in Bulgaira at present, to say the least! It is difficult to find qualified real estate specialists who understand how a garden can really compliment a property be an outside living space. Here we introduce a company that do, Greenfingers Ltd.

Their staff are qualified in horticulture and well experienced in Garden design projects for any real estate properties. They also have their own nurseries, which is vital as a guaranteed source of plants for your garden.

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We hope you will find the information you are looking for on this site and that our team of specialists will provide what you need through their knowledge, gained in their long years of experience in planning and maintaining green areas for properties in Bulgaria.
Our well-trained staff is at your disposal, as our friends and our clients, for 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. Our quick, decisive and sensitive solutions to problems allow you, our guests and friends from abroad, to sense the positive atmosphere and serenity of the corners of paradise we create for your Bulgarian property investment.

Who are we?
GREEN FINGERS Garden Design & Landscaping Services started in 2004 in response to the growing market for property in Bulgaria and the higher standards expected by the new owners for landscaping around their properties and public buildings.

GREEN FINGERS Ltd. is the successor of GARDEN SOUNDS Ltd., which started in 1995 and has been continually active in Sofia, Bulgarias capital city, until now. GARDEN SOUNDS was founded by Plamen Blagoev, who qualified in forestry at the Faculty of Forestry in Sofia in 1995. It started as a retail outlet for house plants, cut flowers and accessories. Two years later, the company entered the landscaping market and created a for decorative shrubs and forest tree species. The nursery now has over 100 plant species and uses over 500 tree and flowering species in its garden design work. From the beginning, the wealth of this companys creative work encompasses the planning, creation and implementation of over 170 projects for private homes and public buildings.

In the course of this work, the high and diverse real estate services standards expected by our clients has stimulated the formation of our core of well-trained and responsible specialists, trained to help find solutions and generate ideas for you, our current and future clients.

The team is led by Plamen Blagoev, whose long experience in team building and management is vital in implementing the speedy, high quality and ethical work of the company.

The landscape architect Ivailo Rizov is responsible for conceptualising and planning of property gardens. He qualified at the Faculty of Forestry at Sofia University in 2002, after which he designed numerous real estate sites in Bulgaria, both completed and currently in progress. Ivailo Rizov works in cooperation with designers from the VEGA garden design group.

Real estate site managers include Ivan Gidimarkov, Luchezar Popov and Nikolai Drumev, who all qualified at the Sofia Faculty of Forestry in 2002, 2001 and 2002 respectively. Even as students, the three of them helped out in the company and became its regular employees after completing their studies.

The company employs and places its trust in intelligent and highly motivated young people, including students. Maintaining the high level of service to satisfy the high expectations of our clients is Branimira, manager of our Balchik office. Branimira studied at an English language school and is furthering her English language studies. The high level of linguistic competence of our staff permits problem-free and effective communication with our clients from outside Bulgaria.

What have we landscaped to date?
To get an idea of our teams work and creative solutions, see the Bulgarian real estate sites we have landscaped and maintained below:

1.Capital city Sofia; Rresidential district Kinocentyra; private property, Started: 25.10.2004 at this moment
In this place we do: reconstruction, renewal and development of existing garden; all-the-year-round maintenance.


Town Bankja (near capital city Sofia); private property Started: 21.03.1996, Finished: 30.05.1996
In this place we do: Overall planning and landscaping; all-the-year-round maintenance


3.Town Bankja (near capital city Sofia); private property Started: 10.04.2003, Finished: 10.05.2003
In this place we do: Overall planning and landscaping; all-the-year-round maintenance


4.Capital city Sofia, Rresidential district "Bojana": private property Started: 27.03.2004, Finished: 30.04.2004
In this place we do: Overall planning and landscaping; all-the-year-round maintenance


5.Capital city Sofia, Rresidential district "Ovcha kupel "; business center Started: 07.04.2003, Finished: 30.04.2003 In this place we do: Overall planning and landscaping; all-the-year-round maintenance


6.Capital city Sofia, Rresidential district "Gorna Banja"; private property Started: 07.04.2003, Finished: 30.04.2003 In this place we do: Overall planning and landscaping; all-the-year-round maintenance


7.Town Bankja (near capital city Sofia); private property Started: 12.07.2002, Finished: 21.08.2002 In this place we do: Overall planning and landscaping; all-the-year-round maintenance


8.Capital city Sofia, Rresidential district Dyrvenica; private property Started: 16.07.2001, Finished: 21.08.2001 In this place we do: Overall planning and landscaping; all-the-year-round maintenance


9.Capital city Sofia, Rresidential district Bojana: private property Started: 18.05.2001, Finished: 18.05.2001 In this place we do: Overall planning and landscaping; all-the-year-round maintenance


10.Capital city Sofia, Rresidential district Gorubljane: Transport, terminal Started: 15.11.2004 at this moment Finished: In this place we do: partial landscaping;


Nursery for decorative shrubs and forest tree species



If the mellow pastoral hues of our autumn gardens are not to your taste, come and visit us again in spring and summer. The shades and harmony of our gardens as they stir into wakefulness will make you our friends for life...

What services do we offer for your property in Bulgaria?
1. Overall or partial planning and landscaping of winter gardens, roof gardens and parks;
2. Planning and landscaping of ponds and alpine gardens;
3. Construction, servicing and maintenance of underground and surface automatic irrigation systems;
4. Reconstruction, renewal and development of existing parks and gardens;
5. All-the-year-round and seasonal maintenance of parks and gardens;
6. Supplies of decorative and forest plants;
7. Gardening equipment.

Why work with a designer?
A colourful garden in harmony with the building is an essential part of every up-to-date and tastefully created home. Tastefully and masterfully landscaped, it becomes an excellent prerequisite for the relaxation and leisure of those who live there. But achieving harmony and colour in a garden is not easy. For specialists who master the secrets and rules of establishing and arranging parks, it is a challenge which has led to the creation of masterpieces of a beauty no less than that of the works of great artists. Our designers can create such masterpieces in your real estate garden.

Why invest in the garden?
A well-built and attractive garden in a property is a good investment and a source of pleasure for its owner. An expertly arranged and maintained garden delights not only those who live in the home it surrounds, but also their guests, friends and relations. It reflects the rhythm, soul and emotions of those who live there.

Investing in your property garden will find you new friends, heightened sensations and pleasurable emotions!

Good landscaping is highly prized by property investors and entrepreneurs.

Do I need an irrigation system?
The relatively dry and warm climate in spring and summer and occasional high temperatures do not provide enough moisture in the soil for the optimum development of the plants in your garden. Watering plants by hand every day is a laborious, time-consuming and unsatisfactory process. It requires frequent visits by our team and increases the cost of maintaining your garden.

An automatic irrigation system can be programmed to optimise the amount of water applied to each plant species according to its needs. This avoids any waste of water and ensures that your plants will grow rapidly and healthily. The system works unobtrusively without disturbing the leisure of the real estate residents. Not having an irrigation system is expensive and not many people can afford it!

For the climate in Bulgaria, installing an irrigation system is not only recommended, it is essential for the healthy development of your garden.

Do I need qualified specialists to maintain my garden?
It takes 2-6 years for a garden to acquire its intended appearance. This is a long and sensitive process which requires the care of well-trained and experienced specialists. A landscaped garden is a living organism which needs to develop in order to exist. A lack of care, or untimely and incompetent care, not only puts a stop to its development, but has disastrous effects on the plants in it. Our specialists have the knowledge and qualities to assist you in this long and difficult process!

If you are still not sure whether to entrust the creation of your real estate garden paradise to us, have another look at the screen Can you hear the sound of the living gardens we create? Can you detect the beating of their hearts? Those are our hearts, because we devote them to everything we do.

We will do the same for you!

Our office doors are wide open for you every day at the following address