Brown’s Determination To Stay Fuels UK Mass Exodus!

In his final budget as Chancellor of the Exchequer and before he became Prime Minister, Gordon Brown attempted one final financial con on the British people, he attempted to make the budget sound like a tax friendly one.  In actual fact it was the budget that paved the way for the 10p tax cut affecting those on lower incomes, and it paved the way for ensuring greater numbers of people on slightly higher incomes are now stung by the highest rate of tax.

Gordon Brown is likely to go down in history as the chancellor who exposed Britain to economic meltdown and the Prime Minister who sealed the fate of the UK by failing to do anything about it other than telling us all to stop wasting so much food.  And now it seems that Brown’s determination to stay in power, (even though he was not elected Prime Minister by the British people who all believe they live in a democracy), is fuelling a mass exodus from the UK.

Why exactly is anyone surprised?

Would you stay living in a country that has had the very soul ripped out of it?  Would you remain in a country blighted by a non-existent immigration policy that has allowed major criminals to set up home in the UK as well as nannies for government ministers, and which sends ‘home’ families who have lived here for generations as well as those in need of humanitarian assistance?

Would you stay living in a country where knife crime is now as commonplace a theme in every day conversations as the weather once was in Britain?  Would you remain in a nation where crime is rising against a backdrop of ineffective policing?  Could you live in a so-called democratic nation where you’re no longer allowed to demonstrate freely and freedom of speech is now hindered by political correctness, where ‘multi-culturalism’ is higher on the agenda than the reversal of the oncoming recession.

How about living in a country that’s slowly suffocating as a result of a falling housing market, significant inflation, a weak stock market, non-existent wage increases, massive fuel prices, where all the Prime Minister can do is somehow con the media into publishing a massive offensive to get us all to waste less food so that food prices can be lowered! 

We’re not stupid Mr. Brown and the rest of the British government – both those in power and those in opposition. We can all see that the social, cultural and economic vandalism of the past decade has destroyed this once great country of ours, and whilst the current financial turmoil that is tightening its vice like grip on the nation will crush us only for the short-term, how will the UK ever survive the damage that has been done to the very fabric of the nation?

200,000 people left the UK in 2006 to live a better life abroad…we wonder how many thousands more will be leaving in the years to come.  It takes a lot of guts, determination and strength of character to become an expatriate, but here we’re pretty convinced that increasing numbers of British citizens will dig deep and find that they have it in them to get out while they still can.  In a recent article we referred to those leaving as ‘expat rats’ in reference to the sinking ship that is the UK – but truly we believe those who leave have the strength of lions as well as the clarity of vision of the mantis shrimp, (look it up!).  If you believe the UK has been recklessly damaged beyond repair by successive ineffective government leaders, why don’t you consider starting a new life abroad?

Shelter Off Shore
9th July 2008