Moving abroad: Pensions

Pension rules are notoriously complicated, and this is doubly true for expats trying to keep their retirement planning on track when they move overseas.

State pensions are not affected if you decide to move abroad. All you need to do is inform your local authority of your plans and give them the details of a local bank branch or post office in the town overseas where you wish to receive your money.

If you have further queries or concerns about this contact The Pensions Advisory Service (OPAS) on 08456 012923. You will need to ensure you make similar arrangements for any personal or occupational pensions before you leave.

Those sent overseas by an employer may stay in a UK company pension scheme. Expatriates are allowed to continue paying into a UK personal pension for up to five years. Advisers also suggest that expatriates consider paying voluntary National Insurance contributions to preserve their State pension entitlements.