Britons Want Out Mass UK Exodus a Possibility

Well, well, well – these are worrying times if you’re a government minister. A whole series of surveys have been released showing that those in Northern Ireland, Scotland as well as in Wales and England want out of the UK – they want to leave for a whole range of reasons, but because so many Britons want out, a mass UK exodus is a very real possibility.

Meanwhile, across the pond…a survey of Americans shows that US citizens may consider relocating nationally but they are far less likely to expatriate, move to live abroad and seek their fortunes elsewhere, especially if they have to learn a new language to do so!  So are Americans wimps and are Brits tough – or are Americans simply more realistic about their nation and loyal to it whereas us Brits are happy to throw in the UK towel and make like a tree and leave as soon as the going gets tough?

The survey that shows that Americans are less likely to move abroad than us Brits was commissioned by recruiters Kelly Services, and according to the findings of the mobility study, whilst about 66% of Americans would consider moving to another city for the right job opportunity; only about a third would consider moving to another country.  This figure drops even lower to 28% when the requirement to learn a foreign language to live abroad is brought into the mix.

The survey was a global one, it interviewed 115,000 people with about 14,000 of those being US citizens, and in contrast to the American respondents responses, 59% of global respondents said they would be willing to move abroad for work…in conclusion the survey shows that America ranks the lowest among 33 countries in terms of mobility.

In complete contrast, the NatWest International Personal Banking Quality of Life Report, Robinsons International Relocation Survey, Jamijo Overseas Property Advisors in Northern Ireland opinion and a survey by YouGov for Legal & General in Scotland show that us Brits want out of the UK!

The overriding reasons given for why so many of us Brits are actively planning or at least considering a relocation abroad are financial ones.  According to the surveys we’re finding the cost of living in the UK too high, we’re finding that our investments are giving poorer returns now that interest rates have been cut, we’re finding that our homes are worth less in real terms each month as the housing market slumps and we are all aware that we could be far better off, earn more, save more and spend less if we move abroad.

So, are we the realistic ones or have the Americans got it right?  Should you stay loyal to your nation if it and its government continually fail you?  What do you think?  Are you considering moving abroad to escape a recession and the credit crunch in the UK, or are you happy to tough it out, sure that better days will follow in due course?  We’d love to hear your comments.

Shelter Off Shore
May 15th 2008