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To give our clients a clear idea of what the amazing Super Borovets project actually entails, have gathered all available information and put it in one place.

Super Borovets Update
Updated: 2005-11-15

The work on project Super Borovets will continue. National Movement Simeon II leader Simeon Saxe-Coburg-Gotha met with Samokov’s mayor Angel Ivanov, former district governor of Sofia – region and current NMSII MP Olimpi Katev and Glavbulgarstroy Construction Company manager Simeon Pashov, a journalist of FOCUS News Agency reported. 

Several of the members of the Initiative Committee on Super Borovets Project have spoken with NMSII leader yesterday in his office. They informed him on the progress of the project and on the fact that it was time to consider juridical finalization of the documents, which would allow the placing of ski lifts. The ski lifts are planned to pass through the land property, given back to former Prime Minister Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. He gave his permission some time ago but the documentations was still to be finalized. 

“Mr. Saxe-Coburg-Gotha was interested in the progress of the project and we informed him”, Samokov’s mayor Angel Nikolov stated for FOCUS News Agency.

Super Borovets Project plans to transform the region into a year-round resort with football fields, tennis-courts and other playgrounds for practicing active sports, as well as swimming pools and numerous amusement facilities. The plan makes provisions for riverside parks with additional attractions, including a horse riding centre and dairy farm with taverns in the area of Bjala Poljana, close to Borovets. The aim of the project is to develop the tourism sector with the help of the local people, whilst at the same time, trying to observe the eco-balance of the region.

There will be no large hotels high in the mountain, only shelters or tearooms.
The plan was issued by a team of architects, lead by Petko Evrev and will follow the requirements of the Encouragement Law, according to which the infrastructure will be provided by the state. The plan foresees the opening of a Tourism College in the town of Samokov and is consistent with the Bulgarian candidature to host the Olympic Games in the year 2014.
The Super Borovets concept will be implemented in three steps. 

The first stage is to be completed in year 2007 and by that time the accommodation capacity of the resort will be doubled. New gyms and swimming pools will be built. 

The second stage will start when ownership rights have been finalized. At this stage the plan envisages new hotels and ski runs in the triangle enclosing Beli Iskar, Samokov and Borovets. 

After that, during the third stage, they will start the construction of new sites at 1400 m above sea level. Because of the height and sparse terrain only holiday villages and small hotels will be allowed there.

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