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Without a doubt one of Bulgarias sunniest ski resorts and perhaps even the most attractive, Pamporovo is sure to impress anyone regardless of whether you are a skier or not. Unlike many resorts, Pamporovo is not cramped, but spread over a series of fantastic mountains and hills and completely unexploited. Nestled in the Rhodope mountains, it benefits from being particularly green and stunning in summertime.

The resort benefits from having a particular microclimate unlike any other in Bulgaria. It is distinctly Mediterranean having been heavily influenced by the Aegean Sea nearby. As a result, it is the sunniest ski resort and has some of the best summertime temperatures out of all the Bulgarian ski resorts.

It is said that the combination of great weather, pollution free air and land work wonders for your health and age. Consider that Pamporovo and the surrounding region has the highest population of centenarians in the whole of Bulgaria when choosing your property in Bulgaria!

Pamporovo and the Rhodopi mountains are steeped in folklore and tradition which add to its abundant charm. It is said that the mythical singer, Orpheus, lived here. Orpheus was the most famous Greek mythical singer and poet, who could charm wild animals and even coax rocks into movement. In legend, he was one of the Argonauts and when they had to pass through the Sirens island, it is said his music prevented the crew from being lured to danger.

Since the time of Orpheus to the present day, this region has always had its own particular type of music which combines ancient folklore and traditional instruments. In fact, one particularly famous Rhodopian folk song was sent into space in a satellite for the benefit of any alien life out there!

For those who enjoy skiing and sun, Pamporovo should be your first choice for making Bulgarian property investment. It benefits from having a mild but very snowy winter with the ski season lasting from December until May. The sun shines fully for an average of 120 days a year and tourists are even advised to bring sun screen.

The ski facilities are impressive and cater for all skill levels and features a giant slalom ski run. Ski facilities and facts about Pamporovo are as follows:

Total combined length of ski runs: 25kms
Longest ski run: 3.8kms
Ski lifts: 8 in total with 5 chair lifts and 3 drag lifts. Capacity is 8500 people per hour
Highest skiing point: 1937m
Height of Pamporovo resort: 1620m

Pamporovo is often praised on the quality of the ski school and instructors. The resort boasts the services of more than 100 qualified instructors, fluent in numerous languages and able to provide fun and comprehensive ski lessons. Group lessons, cross-country skiing, 1 to 1 lessons etc are all catered for. Difficulty levels vary and lesson lengths can all be arranged upon discussion with instructor.

As mentioned before, there is something for skiers of all skill levels. Nursery slopes are available for beginners and there kindergartens open from 8.30am to 5pm for children. Intermediates have a choice of over 20kms worth of ski runs to spend time on. For advanced skiers, Pamporovo does not disappoint. The brave can try The Wall- the resorts most difficult and testing ski run and the distinctive TV tower also has a notoriously difficult ski run starting from it.

There is 24 hour mountain rescue and all pistes and facilities are kept in meticulous condition. In the last two years, millions have been invested in Pamporovo to cater for the explosion in tourism to the resort. Being part of the Top Three ski resorts in Bulgaria, Pamporovo prides itself on being one of the greenest and most scenic of all three.

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