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Buying Property in Bulgaria!

This section gives important information. If you're thinking of visiting to buy Bulgarian property, please read it carefully before you go. There are two main ways we sell Bulgarian Property. Firstly, when clients visit us and purchase. Secondly, by Remote Purchase. This is when the client doesn't visit Bulgaria immediately, but buys from UK. This latter option is very popular with cheap Bulgarian property and enables people to secure a bargain in a fast moving market.

Full information on these two options is below. Full information on these two options is below.
Choose Your Bulgarian Property
Select from our website the Bulgarian properties for sale in Bulgaria’s prime ski regions of Borovets and Bansko that you would like to view and send us the reference numbers. Our web site shows all current property for sale and is updated constantly. We have by far the biggest listings for Bansko and Borovets property.

It is worth noting that the Bulgarian property sales market is like any other boom market and prices can suddenly be increased. We keep our listings as updated as possible but sometimes when interest is expressed in a certain property, the price can increase or the availability might change. We aim to notify clients before they arrive in Bulgaria to avoid disappointment but we cannot always guarantee this.
Arrange Your Visit
Should you require a member of our staff to pick you up from Sofia, whether it is a hotel or the airport, then our charges are as follows:

For Borovets region clients:

Borovets to Sofia: 40 Euros
Sofia to Borovets: 40 Euros

For flights after 9pm at night or before 9am in the morning, we do charge 45 Euros per trip for the airport pick up fee. This is because it is outside of the normal staff working hours.

For Bansko clients:

Bansko to Sofia: 75 Euros
Sofia to Bansko: 75 Euros

For flights after 9pm at night or before 9am in the morning, we do charge 85 Euros per trip for the airport pick up fee. This is because it is outside of the normal staff working hours.

A member of our staff will be waiting in the arrivals hall with a board with your name on it to greet you. For full details on airlines travelling to Bulgaria (Sofia) including bargain airlines, please feel free to visit our Travel to Bulgaria section.

How long should you stay? Those depend, of course, on your plans, but allow about 2 days to view property in Bulgaria and 1 weekday to do the legal paperwork if you want to buy. Please note: As the solicitor and Notary office aren't open on a week-end, make sure you stay for at least one weekday to do any legal paperwork.

If you already have plans to be in Bulgaria, such as a package holiday to Borovets (a cheap way to see the area) for example, then all we need to do is fix a time for you to meet one of our representatives. All our staff speaks English and Russian. They are friendly, with expert local knowledge, and will look after you well.

What to Bring

This is very important if you wish to buy property on your visit, so please read this section carefully. Please bring with you cash or travellers cheques in Euros (or Bulgarian Lev) to the value of 10% of each property price as a deposit for the property. In the case of ‘off-plan’ apartments, usually a reservation fee of 1000 Euros is required. We can also accept credit card payments for these deposits.
If the Bulgarian property you are purchasing is freehold, please bring with you 695 Euros company set up charge. And you will need to bring 2 Lev (or 1 Euro equivalent) to open your company account. This money remains yours and is only needed to open the account. It can be withdrawn after company is formed (about 21 days). Many clients use it to defray final balance payment on their Bulgarian property purchase. And, of course, don't forget to bring some money to cover living and travel costs during your visit. Please note that credit cards are of little use in Bulgaria for these costs as there is a modest daily withdrawal limit on most.


Once in Bulgaria, you can hire your own car and our representative will accompany you to view without charge. Or you can hire our car with driver and we all we ask is for you to cover our transport charges which depend on how much travelling you do. Payment for this can be made to our representative. There are no other charges, such as for viewings that other real estate agencies commonly make.


We can arrange accommodation for you at a good, but reasonable priced hotel in Samokov or private apartments should you wish privacy, plenty of comfortable space at low prices. For more info, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

For Bansko property clients, we can recommend a wide range of hotels depending on where you would like to stay, facilities etc. For further details, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Please note that we can only book accommodation with a pre-payment. We can accept credit card payments for this.

Once you have visited your selected Bulgarian ski properties and made your selection, it is the time to set in motion the legal process.

The Legal Process

For non residents in Bulgaria, buying property in Bulgaria with land requires the setting up a limited liability company. This is not as daunting as it might sound and can all be done on the first visit if required. Allow a full day for these legal proceedings.

Once you have chosen which ski property to buy in Bulgaria, you will instruct a Preliminary Contract to be drawn up and pay a 10% deposit. Then the lawyer checks Title. You also set up a company at a cost of 695 Euro, which requires opening a bank account (small fee applies) with the deposit of 2 BGLev (about 1 Euros), which can be withdrawn once the company has been formed. This is a small inconvenience (more for us than you) and once only cost, but there is the benefit in that owning through a limited liability company affords excellent legal protection and offers flexibility for multiple ownership.

When the lawyer is satisfied that all is in order, the balance of price is paid plus agency fee and a land tax/Notary fee. Please note that this Land tax/Notary fee is dependant on declared value of property, which by mutual agreement between buyer and seller can sometimes be different from price entered on document of property sale.

The whole conveyance process takes about 4 weeks, but by giving Power of Attorney you do not have to return to complete. We then inform you that you are then the proud owner of your Bulgarian ski property!

You can have confidence in the legal process, particularly as we employ the area's top lawyer. It's normal for the Lawyer to represent both sides, as in France, for example, and the lawyer is legally bound to be diligent. If there is the slightest irregularity in a property's paperwork, you will be advised accordingly.

It's worth nothing, that to involve another solicitor is completely unnecessary legally and will only drag out a sale. In fact, in our experience you will most likely lose the property. It is by avoiding such pitfalls as duplication of solicitors and also by only offering property for sale we have found and know ourselves, that we maximize your chances of a successful conveyance.

Most of our Bulgarian property sales are done within the month, with the odd one taking longer if some legal issue crops up. If a property title isn’t 100% in order, our solicitor will cancel the sale. Fortunately, this is very rare as we try and pre-vet Bulgarian properties and owners before offering for sale.

If a sale is not concluded for legal reasons, you will receive a full refund of your deposit, without deduction.

Any off-plan development where the tax valuation situation is not described must be considered as having a lower declared price.

Money Transfer

Payment of funds from UK or elsewhere to Bulgaria can normally be done from your local Bank. You will need to fill in a "Priority Payment" or "Electronic Transfer" form and the payment should take about 3 days. However, the slightest error can result in the payment not being made. This can be critical when making payment for the deadline on a Preliminary Contract. So double check forms and give yourself plenty of time and transfer at least a week before the due date.

We also recommend specialist currency transfer companies who can offer you much better rates when sending Euros than your local bank. They are usually quicker than your local bank which is particularly useful if you have tight deadlines to keep to.

Remote Purchase

We at find Bulgarian property for sale that is so low priced that an immediate decision and fast purchase is often required. To enable our clients to secure such bargains, we offer a way of buying quickly without visiting Bulgaria. It's called "Remote Purchase", when you authorize us to purchase on your behalf and you are the named beneficiary on the Contract.

In this process, 10% of the purchase price is sent to us immediately and sale agreed with vendor. Unless of course you are purchasing an off-plan apartment, in which case the amounts are different to the normal property sale in Bulgaria. After checking that all is in order with the property's legal status, the solicitor sends the Preliminary Contract, which has been signed by us in the buyer's name, to the buyer (in UK or elsewhere). This Preliminary Contract is an important part of the Deeds and the original stays in the Notary office, with only a copy being sent. Very soon after, the balance is paid and sale completed.

All that is required after this is that the new owner travel to Bulgaria within a reasonable period of time to sign the Deeds and set up their company with our full assistance, if necessary. A simple and fast process that removes much of the stress from buying. No mad rush to get to Bulgaria to buy before the property is sold to another. Just a call or e-mail along with the 10% and it’s yours.

But please bear in mind that sending your deposit starts the legal process, with attendant costs, and your deposit will not be refundable if you decide not to proceed, for whatever reason, so, be sure that you wish to purchase. Also, please do not treat the Remote Purchase deposit as a "property holding" tactic. We spend a lot of time doing the initial checking of documents and drawing up of the Preliminary Contract - work for which we will not get paid if you do not proceed (the seller gets the 10% deposit in full, not our Agency).

If the property sale falls through due to actions other than your own, such as the seller not proceeding or the solicitor terminating the process as he's not 100% happy with the documentation, then you will receive a full refund of your deposit. We don't deduct any costs, but refund in full.

Lastly, it's worth mentioning that many of the very cheap Bulgarian properties are not up to "Western Standards" and will need work doing on them. Typically, this could include installation of internal WC and new bathroom, and fitting a kitchen, plus various other works. Such costs are, of course, very much reflected in the amazingly low prices.

We try to show all aspects of a Bulgarian property on our site, good and bad.

Summary of Buying Costs

Quite a few clients have told us they find it very difficult to get details of buying costs from other agencies. To make these clear to you, here's a list of all the costs:

1. Purchase price
2. Land tax and Notary fee. Depends on value of property. Examples:
Property value E 9,000 , about E 620 . Value 25,000 Euro, about E1600. For E 100,000 , it's E 4000.
3. Agency commission – Not Applicable!
4. Preliminary Contract fee: Again, this depends on the price of the property.
5. Translation of Preliminary Contract fee: 20 Euros
6. If you don't already have a company set up in Bulgaria, then 695 Euro. Note that one company can own a number of properties in Bulgaria.
And that's, apart from some living expenses in Bulgaria. For this, take a quantity of Lev with you. Thomas Cook can provide this currency with a couple of days notice.

Our Fees

By keeping our operating costs to the minimum, we are able not to charge agency commission. It is a bargain when the amount of work dealing with foreign clients is considered. We don't just draw up property particulars, phone the home owner to say they've got a visit and after an agreed offer, hand over to the solicitors. We provide personal support to our clients to make them feel welcome in a strange country, providing transport and accommodation, translating and explaining, then assisting with the conveyance procedure by ferrying clients back and forth from the Bank and Notary office.

Should you wish to re-sell your property, then please contact us for our competitive rates.

Find out what other agents charge (if you can!) and compare.

Reasons why so many are choosing

  • No viewing or visiting charges
  • No agency commission!
  • Genuine low local property prices
  • Expert local knowledge and access to reliable building services
  • After sales property care contract and letting service