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BulgarianEnglishFrenchGermanGreekItalianMacedonianRussianSpanish have offices in both the Borovets and Bansko resorts

Bansko office

Our Bansko office is located on the main Nayden Gerov Street in Bansko. Just a few meters down from the main Gondola station, youll need to turn right on the first traffic lights and then we are number 12 on the right hand side, immediately next to the Fortuna Complex and the Penguins Bar. View a map here. We are open all year so please free to drop in.

Branch Manager: Lina Lyubomirova

Office number: (00359) 0749 88500

Mobile (for out of office emergencies): (00359) 0885 250 497



Asya Lina (Bansko manager) Mariya and Desi

Borovets Ski Area Office (Next to Borovets Ski Resort)

Our Borovets Area office is located on the Iskar Boulevard in Samokov. We are number 117 and are open all year so please free to drop in. View a map here.

Branch Manager: Krasi Funtarov

Office number: (00359) 0722 66731

Mobile (for out of office emergencies): (00359) 0885 250 496



  Krasi (Borovets Area manager) Nadya

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